Angry Birds mocks September 11 attacks

The latest installment of Angry Birds Rio is entitled “Airfield Chase” and includes level 9-11 (sound familiar?) featuring a mock airliner being bombed by egg-dropping birds, with the intention of destroying targets inside the airplane.  I find this particular level of the game to be in poor taste.

A reference to the September 11 attacks?

As an American, I am particularly sensitive to the events of ten years ago, on September 11, 2001, when 2,753 of our fellow citizens were ruthlessly killed by terrorists.  I find it less than appropriate that Rovio Entertainment Ltd. would choose to release this particular level so close to the 10th anniversary of that fateful day in our past.

Birds "bomb" the mock airliner

Among other details of note are the game’s introductions of exploding jet fuel (which I don’t believe has ever been part of any of the previous game segments), mock control tower, complete with operators and caged passengers.  Additionally, the major “bonus” of this level is to completely destroy the airliner, after which the player receives an award of a “Golden Apple” (representing New York?).

The "Golden Apple" award for destroying the airliner

While I feel that Angry Birds is a brilliant game, I believe that the makers of the game owe an apology to all Americans, as we were each affected directly and indirectly by these past events.  Rovio shoud also remove or replace this level of the game. In my opinion, ten years is still too soon to make light of such a tragedy.  I also think that Rovio, a Finnish company, should consider the negative image that this insensitivity imparts on our comrades in Finland.

I would also ask the sponsors of Rovio to reconsider their association with this company until the aforementioned apology is forthcoming.

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16 Responses to Angry Birds mocks September 11 attacks

  1. Matty says:

    This post sucks and wastes my time. You’re paranoid and looking for reasons to make a stink. Angry Birds is a children’s game. Get over yourself.

  2. scdaddyo says:

    @Matty, I am afraid the lack of respect irregardless of the venue is what the issue is.

  3. Ame says:

    Seriously?!?! You gotta be kidding me right?! I saw your comment on the Android marketplace. Seems like you are on a mission over nothing. Like Matt said, move on. It’s only a game and it is people like you that prevent people from moving forward after 9-11. What happened, happened. It was a tragedy, but there is nothing to be done except continue living our lives. Stop dweling and crying. Seriously, damn!

  4. phillipabell says:

    @Ame – I regret that you think we should all just forget about 9/11. I will not.

    @Matty – Children’s games are not absolvent of repugnance. That may not be immediately obvious to you, but think about it for a bit.

  5. Craig says:

    Never forget.that slogan pisses me off. who the fuck could forget such a thing. what needs to be done is form a new commission. The slogan must have had some parts left out… It prolly goes something like this ‘ never forget all the bullshit we fed you about what happened.’ you can call me unpatriotic, but 9/11 doesn’t make me feel proud to be an american, it makes me sick to my stomach. I am awfully sorry for all of those lost, but the shit that happened that day brings my patriotism and love for this country down every time I think of it. this place is run by and full of greedy pigs, and I’m not really ready to stand next to them and claim pride in a country founded by the slaughterers we call our nobel forefathers. Pride. arrogance sounds more like it

  6. Real_army_wife says:

    If it makes you feel better, I just saw the level and decided to google it (finding this and many other discussions).

  7. Shadow says:

    The truth is people will find fault with anything. Give them a million dollars and they will ask, “Why not two?” The events of 9/11 were horid and should never be forgotten, but to go look for a reason to whine about every little thing even remotely related to it demeans the event in itself. I read your post and have viewed the game/level – only a moderately warped mind would make the association. 9/11 was a sad day for all mankind, Angry Birds is a game without politcal statement. Let’s move on while remembering those who perished.

  8. phillipabell says:

    @Shadow: I’m pretty sure only a moderately warped person would judge another’s mind from a Blog post. Thanks for posting and confirming my suspicion.

  9. Tom says:

    Phillip the game has no resemblance of the buildings or 9/11! The level is Airfield Chase which has to do with planes not terrorism and for you to call a game designer warped is that called for? What if I called you warped or twisted for trying to relate 9/11to a video game. Your a putz, nerd, dickhead, pussy, the list goes on. What is the Android market?? Apple is the only way to go

    • phillipabell says:

      Tom, aka, I suggest you read the comments in order before … oh, well, never mind. Judging from your (notice the lack of apostrophe, possessive) comments, it appears that you’re (notice the contraction with apostrophe) not the sort that cares to read much.

  10. says:

    Actually I agree. I googled the 9-11 level due to being shocked by it when playing the game. I didn’t even notice that I was on 9-11 just the scene itself then when I looked I couldn’t believe my eyes. So if you all want to think this is just someone looking for something to nit pick about that is fine. You have the right to feel this way just as we have the right to be appalled by the association.

  11. Tits McGee says:

    * Comment deleted *

    Moderator – I will not accept comments from people that hide behind disposable email addresses. If you want to complain, do so with your real identity.

  12. CC says:

    This post and its follow-up comments are based on an error of logic. The Angry Birds game was developed and programmed in FINLAND! While the Finnish people doubtless read reports about 9-11, it has no more significance in their culture than any other foreign news item. I will give an example.

    If you programmed a game with a level 2002, taking place in a shopping mall, the Finnish might think you’re similarly offensive. They had a terrorist attack in a Myyramanni, Vantaa shopping mall in 2002. But you, as an American, wouldn’t know that, because it’s a different culture. If anyone who complained about this deep video game offense to America *did* know that, I’ll eat my hat.

    The sort of “we are the center of the universe and think everything revolves around our culture” attitude displayed by some here… is EXACTLY the reason other countries are annoyed by us.

    It is an international video game, played in countries whose citizens have their OWN dates of national tragedy that you can’t remember off the top of your head, either.

    Let’s please do a little research and be citizens of the world before acting persecuted.

    • phillipabell says:

      CC, here is a list of logical fallacies: Please point me to the fallacy based on cultural assumptions, as I don’t believe there is one. Believe it or not, some of us redneck Americans actually do travel the world (probably more than most other countries), and we are aware of the prevalence of the American press in those countries, as well as international terrorist acts. None of this absolves the developers at Rovio from this distasteful act. You may assume that this is an incredibly long string of unfortunate coincidences, but I choose to believe that the game’s creators are not that naive.

  13. OMG Cat says:

    Yes we are a little sensitive to this issue aren’t we?

    Had the little birds been required to fly a plane into a building, then I think you might have a point. But they don’t.

    There’s numerous levels of this game that involve a plane like construction. You’ve just singled out the 9-11 one.

    • phillipabell says:

      Yes, you could say I’m ‘sensitive’ to acts of terrorism. And yes, I did single out one. The one on game level 9-11. That bombs airplanes. At an airport.

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