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Turn ‘nix directory listing to HTML with shell script

for i in $(ls); do echo $i | sed ‘s/^/<a href=”/’ | sed “s/$/\”>$i/” | sed ‘s/$/<\/a>/’; done > index.html You’ve seen this before – a website that requires an index.html file, when all you want to do is list … Continue reading

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Williams Fire Sights for PT-145 have problem with rear optics after three years of use.

Williams Fire Sights installed on a PT-145 Taurus Millennium Pro. About three years later, the fiber optics on the rear sights constantly “fall” forward, and can become completely removed.  This can happen with simple action, such as withdrawing from a … Continue reading

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Increase your PT145 magazine capacity to 13 rounds

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Angry Birds mocks September 11 attacks

The latest installment of Angry Birds Rio is entitled “Airfield Chase” and includes level 9-11 (sound familiar?) featuring a mock airliner being bombed by egg-dropping birds, with the intention of destroying targets inside the airplane.  I find this particular level … Continue reading

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Galaxy Tab Keyboard 7″ does not work

I have a 7″ Galaxy Tab Wifi, and I think it’s great.  I bought two keyboards for it; one for home and one for work.  The keyboard is solidly constructed and feels like a full-size keyboard.  Here’s what it looks … Continue reading

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There is no test with specified Id

I’ve been struggling with this error in Microsoft Coded UI / Team Foundation Server / Test Manager 2010 for a few days.  Our automated test cases are manually created, checked into TFS, and built by MS Build.  We’re using Microsoft … Continue reading

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