Angry Birds mocks September 11 attacks

The latest installment of Angry Birds Rio is entitled “Airfield Chase” and includes level 9-11 (sound familiar?) featuring a mock airliner being bombed by egg-dropping birds, with the intention of destroying targets inside the airplane.  I find this particular level of the game to be in poor taste.

A reference to the September 11 attacks?

As an American, I am particularly sensitive to the events of ten years ago, on September 11, 2001, when 2,753 of our fellow citizens were ruthlessly killed by terrorists.  I find it less than appropriate that Rovio Entertainment Ltd. would choose to release this particular level so close to the 10th anniversary of that fateful day in our past.

Birds "bomb" the mock airliner

Among other details of note are the game’s introductions of exploding jet fuel (which I don’t believe has ever been part of any of the previous game segments), mock control tower, complete with operators and caged passengers.  Additionally, the major “bonus” of this level is to completely destroy the airliner, after which the player receives an award of a “Golden Apple” (representing New York?).

The "Golden Apple" award for destroying the airliner

While I feel that Angry Birds is a brilliant game, I believe that the makers of the game owe an apology to all Americans, as we were each affected directly and indirectly by these past events.  Rovio shoud also remove or replace this level of the game. In my opinion, ten years is still too soon to make light of such a tragedy.  I also think that Rovio, a Finnish company, should consider the negative image that this insensitivity imparts on our comrades in Finland.

I would also ask the sponsors of Rovio to reconsider their association with this company until the aforementioned apology is forthcoming.

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Turn ‘nix directory listing to HTML with shell script

for i in $(ls); do echo $i | sed 's/^/<a href="/' | sed "s/$/\">$i/" 
| sed 's/$/<\/a>/'; done > index.html

You’ve seen this before – a website that requires an index.html file, when all you want to do is list the directory contents.

There are other ways to tell the web server to show directory listings, of course.  But sometimes you get stuck because your I.T. admins won’t set that up, or whatever reason.

If you can execute a shell file as an alternative, the above command will list the contents of the current directory, create anchor tags around it, and write is as very simple HTML to a file ‘index.html’.

This script was verified on MacOS High Sierra and Linux (I have no idea what flavor, because my I.T. admins won’t give me access to the process job executing it.  But it works in Google Cloud with GitLab executing a Runner via YAML.)

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Williams Fire Sights for PT-145 have problem with rear optics after three years of use.

Williams Fire Sights installed on a PT-145 Taurus Millennium Pro.

Fire Sights

About three years later, the fiber optics on the rear sights constantly “fall” forward, and can become completely removed.  This can happen with simple action, such as withdrawing from a kydex holster.


So far, there has been no problem with the front site.  I plan to contact Williams and find out if there is a fix or return policy for this.


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Increase your PT145 magazine capacity to 13 rounds

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Galaxy Tab Keyboard 7″ does not work

I have a 7″ Galaxy Tab Wifi, and I think it’s great.  I bought two keyboards for it; one for home and one for work.  The keyboard is solidly constructed and feels like a full-size keyboard.  Here’s what it looks like:

One major problem.  It doesn’t work.  It looks great, and feels good to type on.  But when the Galaxy Tab is docked, the keys don’t work.  And I’m not alone in that; here’s some other blogs:

The only suggestion that works is:

1) Power off your Galaxy Tab

2) Place the tab in the dock

3) Power on the Galaxy Tab

This works!  But it sucks.  I shouldn’t have to cycle power on the tablet to make the keyboard work.  I should note that if I take the tab out, and immediately put it back in, the keyboard stops working again.  This means I have to turn off/turn on my tablet every time I want to dock.

Until Samsung engineers fix their android drivers, I do not recommend anyone purchase this keyboard.  I am patient with computers; I work with them all day, every day.  This problem will drive the average user to the brink of insanity.

Here is my setup:

Galaxy Tab GT-P1010

Android Froyo.UEKC6, Firmware 2.2.1, Kernel version

Input method set to “Samsung Keypad”, local English (US) only (I turned off all other locales because I kept fat-fingering the “Lang” button and messing up the key settings.  It was shortly after this that the docks became problematic.  I’m giving a free hint to Samsung here.)

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There is no test with specified Id

I’ve been struggling with this error in Microsoft Coded UI / Team Foundation Server / Test Manager 2010 for a few days.  Our automated test cases are manually created, checked into TFS, and built by MS Build.  We’re using Microsoft Controller / Agent to direct test runs on virtualized machines (Hyper-V).

That’s all fine and dandy (and it works).  But now, we want to drive the automated tests with Microsoft Test Manager.  We set up the Lab Management environments, ensured that the Controller and Agents appear, that the build is copying the DLLs correctly.  But when we choose “run with options”, and select the appropriate build, we are slapped with the following error:

This one stumped me for a few days.  My diligent build manager worked with me tirelessly to ensure that the DLLs were included in the build, and even that the Controller could see them.  But there was no good information on why it couldn’t find the Test Case.  In our architecture, Test Cases are methods in a Coded UI project, with data-driven XML inputs, multiple UI Maps, custom attributes, lots of internal references to our main Office application, and …

Well, let’s just say it’s a tad more complicated than your run-of-the-mill recorded, web-based IBuySpy application.  The only other good information we could find about it was on Alkampfer’s Place:

Unfortunately, our situation was a bit more complex.  The resolution, as it turned out, had to do with how we were linking Test Cases with our “Associated Automation” in TFS.  We had restructured our namespace a few months previously, and completely neglected to update the Associated Automation path:

So, the bottom line is if you encounter the error “There is no test case with specified Id {GUID}”, please also check that your Associated Automation Automated test name is correct.

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